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, howie, this administration has the tools to reach people on their own. they don't need us as much. and to the extent that they're able to do that, they're undercutting the first amendment, which guarantees a free press through many voices. if they put out their own material, it's state-run media. >> yes. >> bill makes an interesting point. and part of the reason that the white house press corps, no picture was put out. we never saw the two of them together. maybe obama administration wanted it that way given tiger's previous scandalous past. >> they didn't want a picture of the president with tiger and the white house was incredibly squirrelly about this trip and this golf game and bill makes a good point. this isn't about golf. we push for access all the time behind the scenes. regular meetings with jay carney and more opportunities to ask questions. when this president gives more access to the view than "wall street journal" something has gone amiss. >> the white house press corps is losing the battle of public opinion. a lot of mockery about this. >> look, howie, that's what th
has been shallow. you asked just a moment ago if the press moved on. they moved on instantly, howie, to the extent they gave it attention. i think the state of the union is a largely overrated event. it's boring. kitchen sink speech that you throw everything at it and see what stinks. thomas jefferson decided to mail it in, literally, and every president for 100 years followed. i think that might be a tradition we return to. the shallow thing is important, howie. you in your last segment talked about drones. in president obama's speech they have crafted a rigorous, legal framework for the drone policy. we haven't been talking about that since. is that true? also embraced the idea of executive orders, right? six years ago the left would have been up in arms about president bush talking about executive orders. but we haven't been talking about that. we talked about tone and we leave it at a shallow level and move on. >> i can't argue very much with will's assessment keli goff. the laundry list the president went through. $9 minimum wage and universal preschool and creating infrastruct
to what he does on the radio and on tv. i think the question becomes, howie, can viewers transvert to voters. if he won a republican primary and went up against frank lautenberg or cory booker saving babies and shoveling his constituents out under snow, then i think he would probably end up finding the voter box is empty as al capone's vault. to be fair, so many people watched that so many years go. would those people vote for geraldo? >> when we look at the things he has done on the air over the years, he does have political baggage getting into this race? >> is erica his fourth or fifth wife? >> it is his fifth wife, for the record. he also wrote a book called "exposing myself" which has to do with other women he's been with. >> so, look, he also blamed trayvon martin's hoodie for getting him shot. he got in a brawl with white supremacists. he probably nudged a rescue worker out of the way so he could be filmed lifting an elderly woman in a wheelchair during hurricane katrina. he knows no shame. so, listen, the fact that he knows no shame and all churning ego might make him good
in the nfl. howie long, hall of famers who been to the super bowl and has the ring to problem it, cris collinsworth will also be joining us. he's been to two super bowls. we'll get their perspective what to expect with the 49ers and the ravens on sunday. and i know when you think, rachel, about the nfl in new orleans, there is one name that comes to mind and that is archie manning. >> yeah, there might not be anybody more emotional watching the super bowl on sunday in new orleans than archie who, of course, not only quarterbacked here but lived here through hurricane katrina, played a large role in helping to rebuild this city. wasn't sure if we'd ever reach this point again and, of course, you know, with his sons eli and peyton, he's watched them play against each other twice. so he knows what jack and jackie harbaugh, the parents of john and jim will be thering on sunday. we talked about that. it's going to be a lot of fun. >> and also super bowl commercials always a hot topic. we'll talk about those and wait until you see sam gordon, that's sam short for samantha. >> that is a girl
yorker find this west interesting. why wouldn't wekov it, howie? i don't understand the question. >> first, let's look at the cover of the new "time" magazine, marco rubio, headline, "the republican savior." the more we focus on voices like rubio's -- young, next-generation republican -- and the less we talk about john boehner and the endless budget fights with president obama, we are helping to shift the tone as well. maybe journalists want the gop to moderate a bit. >> well, of course they do. i mean, then -- you know, that's what makes things interesting. you have karl rove coming out with a new super pac that is going to be funding people who are more moderate. and then you have, you know, other people in the tea party, et cetera, who are still trying to shift things as far right as possible and stand up for their morals and principles. >> we have to do both. i do think we have to take seriously this attempt by republicans to rebrand themselves. >> but if there's no change in vote, if there's no change in policy, then are we to some degree -- >> that's true. >> -- perhaps bei
appearan of the yearnd lond says the ral by is duen jul. >>hat howi ok aft a sawich. she is a thi dy. have "blips" on e rar. washelowing? when my wife was pregnant she was glowing. wonderful. glowing outside, lights, you need the headlights, blips on the radar, we have it. a storm watch. not the biggest storm but it is onthat we have not had in a whil 3 1 or four wee sie hav had goodain. u lo ative doler 7 hd , we will srt in the east bay, i want to showou the back edge of the steady rain passing by berkey and oakla an to waut creek and the san ramon lley you can see the blip in pink and that was mnt difficult an -- mount diabolo snowing. the dry line is moving through safrancisco and daly city to samateo btere ishe san mateo brid. you can see it is still raining righthire. the next ten minutes or so that ll taper, a dowin the south y you ca se acro the mbarn bridg and, 237, we ha a crease inain head to teou by, ght--modate ra,nd he is 87 right now you can see the avy rain fal heron 87ear thehark tnk se carel inhe sohay. you getting the heaviest rai now and for the next hour. you can see t
. she'll be joining howard stern and howie mandel when the show kicks off this summer. >>> the show's producers confirmed they are not causing it the 85th academy awards anymore because it sounds old and musty. instead they are going with the oscars in hopes of the bringing in the hip viewers like me and bill. >>> and with the big show happening sunday, nbc asks what's the best picture? "argo" is number one with 59% of the vote. there's still time to choose your vote. go to nbc.com. have you seen "argo"? >> i have. >> they won't match up director and picture, but a great film anyway. >>> the next one comes to us from our affiliate in detroit, michigan. where in nearby lake shore social media is helping keep up with the times and the family. facebook has helped marguerite joseph keep up with her past and present. she's legally blind and deaf, but that hasn't stopped her from logging on to the website. she's had a page for two years and each day her granddaughter helps her respond to messages from family and friends. what a good granddaughter. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "ea
to get their world series trophy. >> howy from fremont. >> this is a great privilege. >> it's a wonderful privilege, yes. something i never imagined doing. it's a lot of fun. >> a remarkable ride for her and a remarkable visit for me. coming up my interview at the white house, you'll hear from 779'u2/é$0 secretaries about the goals term. glad to have you back here. >> break news now out of morgan hill. there has been a 3.2 earthquake near morgan hill. we'll continue to monitor it for you. >> coming up number one reason people aren't griping about credit card services lately r- >> i never it would happen. >> yes. we wish would it happen to us, right? meet the newest lottery winner and see what he wants to do with the new neg egg, hint, it involves chicken autos yes. yes what. thousands 6 teachers are missing that could be hurting your child's education. from the roof. broadcast center a weak weather system is headed our way. what does this mean for the weekend plans? we'll find out coming up. >>> thousands of california teachers working with subjects they're not qualified to teach that. i
, scary spice. she'll be joining howard stern and howie mandel. >>> the show's producer, confirming they're not calling the academy awards anymore because it sounds old. instead, they're going with the oscars in hopes of bringing in hip new viewers. people like us, huh, bill ? >>> and nba skz what it's the best picture? "argo" with 29% of vote. there's still time to choose your vote. go to nbc.com. i saw "argo," it was fantastic. >> a lot of people are saying it should easily be the best director. >> it was snubbed because of the director. i haven't seen the rest of them. >> you have to watch them all? >> i do. >>> well, this next one comes from kdiv local in michigan where they ash sheered social media is helping keep up with the times and the family. facebook has helped marguerite keep up with the past and her present. she's legally blind but that hasn't stopped her from logging on to the website. she's had a page for two years and each day her grand are daughter helps her respond to messages from family and friends. good way to stay in touch. >> i'm mara schiavocampo, and this is "ear
ashburn is the site's editor in chief. howard kurtz is host of cnn's reliable sources. lauren, howy, thank you for being here. >> thank you. is is a question we want to explore. let's start at the beginning. what does it mean when you log into facebook and are asked to like something? >> well, it basically means you give it a thumbs up. you endorse the product or the picture that someone has posted or you just simply like what the other person is saying. >> it's kind of facebook's democracy in action. now certain people are tapping into it. you have a picture, i think, of a bunch of kids who wanted a puppy. what do they do? their dad said if they could just get to one million likes, which is phenomenal by the way, he would buy them a dog. >> what i love about this is this is what sold them for them. it said here he doesn't think we can do it. i bet everybody says, oh, yeah, dad, you're buying a puppy. >> this isn't just any dad. it's a dad who happens to be a digital media professor at northeastern university. he studied the 19th century. in the age of facebook you can get hundreds of thou
. the supermodel says my dream is to tate a homely guy. howie go ties staw cal -- how ego ties staw cal is that? let me pick a homely guy and kiss you. how wonderful am i? i am giving you life because i am a supermodel. my dream came true recently and i filmed it. take a look. >> keep going. i wasn't done. jay how does -- >> how does that end? >> that is riveting. why did we cut that? >> what keith points out to me, i am looking at this and i say the brunette in the ad is actually more attractive because she is not sucking face. >> she is classy. it is danica patrick. she is hot. >> women have driver's licenses? >> isn't that amazing? >> it is amazing. >> news flash. >> is it amazing or stupid. >> it is not called the parallel parking 500. >> that was sexism. >> look at green lady at the end. >> all right. bmac i will go to you. is the ad clever, funny or what is it, exactly? i actually get grossed out by it, but i am a fuddy-duddy weird owe. >> it is shock and manipulative. i am a fuddy-duddy weird owe too. i like what he said. he practiced on a blowup doll and they nicknamed h lyndsay lohan.
. we were familiar with michael jordan. we know what he looked like as he dunked the bastball fe howis tongue wagged when he took off from the free throw line and so forward. but we didn't know what he thought on political issues or social issues. the problem is when celebrities tell us where they stand on these issues, there's going to be a lot of the audience that disagrees. a celebrity comes out and identified strongly with either the democratic or republican party what they have done then is alienated half of their audience so ideally what celebrities want to do is be familiar with the audience but not really tell too much about what they really think about, key issues of the day because what is going to happen is people willind ways to disagree with the celrities and the celebrities won't be as compelling as spokespeople. >> you mentioned michael jordan. he was paid millions by nike and his share shoulders to sell equipment. for those shareholders what is the lesson that your research has about how a shareholder can assess whether or not they think a company is spending their mone
. >> we have a great show coming up tomorrow. >> i go to the house in malibu that howie mandel wants to sell to me. >> uh-huh. >> he does quite the sales job on me, yes. >> you know what we're saying. she wore gloves. >> thanks for coming, guys. we'll see you tomorrow. jeff: "top chef" gail simmons from judging -- >> i get attached to them and crush their dreams week after week. jeff: to indulging. how do you stay lean? >> that is the top question i'm asked. jeff: we're drinking it up. >> i love this. jeff: she grew up pretending to be a boy. at six, you decided to live as a boy. >> i just felt more comfortable. jeff: hello, hello. [cheers and applause] jeff: roll it! jeff: all right, a little about me. i'm recently married. i work with my wife on the show and i'm learning how to be a dad to two amazing kids in a blended family. i'm hosting a talk show because there's a lot to talk about. this is an adventure. jeff: welcome to the show, have a seat, thank you for the nice welcome. "top chef" judge gail simmons is here today. [cheers and applause] jeff: i think it is like the ninth se
? nobody. >> i'm here at howie mandel's malibu beach house. >> you want me to show you the place? >> you are the hottest grandmother in the world, by the way. >> thank you. >> hello. >> come in. >> i want to make up. >> this is where i take all my dates. this is the griffith observatory. look at this place. >> the l.a. tourism board has been off the hook terrific to us. >> whoa! ♪ going to soak up the sun >> we have a spectacular looking crowd. ♪ i'm sexy and i know it >> come on. come on. >> hit it. ♪ you make feel like i'm living a teenage dream the way you turn me on ♪ >> this is for flo. >> i don't know why we can't be together? ♪ i heard you were a wild one ♪ wild one ♪ oh >> you're the best. >> come on. >> everyone has a moment. that changes their life and then -- >> now you. ♪ >> turn around. >> oh, my god! >> can you even believe what just happened? edgar got a brand new car. >> come on. >> bye. jeff: come on out, lisa rinna. a hot smart woman. with a sneak peek at her clothing line. this is exciting stuff. then he's one of the stars of "lincoln" and "jango in cha
a conversation about that at that time. until that, she should shut up. >> howie hurts akurtz and laure ashburn. irresponsible, do you think that's true he says she's irresponsible as a doctor making pronouncements he may die in office. >> thou dost protest too much. his weight bothers him. in terms of the actual health problem here, i wrote a piece and i said if he's going to be out there and he's going to be talking about his weight, then it's fair game to talk about the obesity epidemic and the billions of dollars, health care dollars that are spent on people who are obese. >> okay, but here's my question. aren't those two separate things? yes, i believe governor chris christie is thin skinned. he clearly is sensitive about his weight, clearly it's an issue. he's talked about how he's tried to lose weight. on the other hand a doctor who has not examined you who says something, what he seemed to take exception to was that she said i'm worried he's going to die in office. he's like i have four kids. >> did you hear how she said that, she was concerned. she's not saying i'm worried he's going t
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with you. you think a correction is coming. howie is veer, why, when? >> just as everybody is talking about dow 14,000 we have to be wary of dow 13,000. in the last six or seven trading days, consumers and staples outperformed the s&p. that's not consistent with the bull move. yields are rising but not commensurate with excitement in the stock market and the new bulls starting to chase because we have dow 14,000, where were they during the fiscal cliff countdown when i was on the show being very bullish. there's way too much optimism given the speed of the advance and given weakness internally in the market. >> that's a contrarian indicator. >> that being said, listen to the market themselves. the transportation index is up 9%, energy, oil up 7%, maria. the master limited partnerships, up 12%. >> what do they tell us? >> money is flowing in. this dow 14,000, it's a psychological indicator, okay? the united states is doing well, houses, automobile, consumer credit, the ism numbers that came out today, 53, well into expansion territory. china's numbers are looking better so you've got to list
to be a planner in america was july 9th, 2004, when dick jackson, howie frumpkin and lawrence frank came out with a book called "urban sprawl and public health." and what that book finally did was put some technical epidemiological meat on the sociological bones that we planners have been arguing about and said in no uncertain terms, the suburbs are killing us, and here's why. and cities can save us, and here's why. by far the greatest aspect of that epidemic, or i should say of our health challenges in america is the obesity epidemic. it's not that obesity itself is the problem, of course, but all the illnesses that obesity leads to, principle among them diabetes. diabetes now consumes 2% of our gross national product. a child born after 2000 has a one in three chance in america of becoming a diabetic. we are now looking at the first generation of americans who are going to live shorter lives than their parents. that's probably not a huge surprise to you. we've all been talking now for a long time about the wonders of the american corn syrup-based diet and the 40-ounce and 80-ounce sodas pe
tough time and it's so unfair. >> howie is veer a spike in rates be? i mean, it's extraordinary to me that this market has not focused on this at all, even in the fiasco at the end of 2012, stocks going higher, going higher. you have to believe that's partly because of the fed. >> it could be a long, long time before it happens. maybe that's why they haven't focused on it and just consider this, and i've heard you talk about 16 trillion. seems to be your favorite number. >> one of mine. >> 16.4 trillion. how about we're spending more than 1 trillion than we take in every year, another one of my favorites. >> when we were at 10 trillion, now at 16 drill yofnl contract cost on 16 trillion is 20% less than it was on the 10 trillion. come on. do you think that's sustainable? so, if you normalize interest rates, i'm not talking about a spike. normalize where they were before qe and take them to 5.5% costs of the federal debt, that's 500 billion a year in interest expenses goes out door. we're having a heart attack over an $85 billion skywester when we can lose 500 billion if you normalize.
running for senate against frank laosenberg or cory booker in new jersey. >> howie kurtz, washington bureau chief of the daily best and lauren, nice to have you both with us. >> thank you. >> shocking, not shocking? >> come on. this is a guy just crazy enough to do this. he opened al could ka poen's vault on tv, it was a live special, he's been married five times. >> you're holding that against him? how many times you think he should be allowed to be married. >> he's got a lot of energy. >> i like geraldo. can you imagine the 30-second ads against this guy, drawing a map in the sand in iraq of u.s. military plans, boom, here he is getting his nose broken by a neo-nazi on his daytime talk show. the videotape vault has a lot more than al capone's vault. >> none of them might have the impact you might think. >> here is the interesting thing is that new jersey has someone pretty outspoken and christine romans could eat him for lunch. >> choice for u.s. senator, only looks at senator lautenberg and cory booker, and 30% say they'd support lautenberg, 51% for cory booker so from that we can
-searching. >> reporter: media critic howie kurtz has this take. >> once we drag these children in front of the camera and have them saying more than two or three times, it feels like it's about ratings, it feels like it's about grabbing attention, it feels like it's about everything but remembering the tragedy that happened to some of their classmates in that elementary school. >> and you know, carol, we talked to a father who has two young children that go to sandy hook elementary and he's really torn. he said it's a fine line. it's good to keep these kids in this town in the spotlight, so that the debate over gun control continues, and people keep talking about it, but it's a very fine line he says between that and exploiting the kids and making a statement. now as for that film the man in charge of the town where they want to make it said he hasn't even been called by the filmmakers. he's shocked about that. filmmakers are saying if they make it and make money they'll donate it to a foundation to treat mental illness but a lot of big questions. people are outraged about that film. that's where the
that doesn't happen again. joining us now is a man who remembers that quite well. radio talk show host howie carr covered for the boston herald. how are you doing? >> i'm doing just fine. i'm wondering how i'm going to get home from the radio station tonight since my show runs seven and i'm not supposed to drive a car throughout the afternoon of the. >> martha: i hope you have a cozy pillow there at the radio station. >> and in new york, shut down in boston, the 3:30, it's kind of tough if you have a real job. >> martha: it is tough. i feel for you. and you know, i wonder what you're going to do and hope you have a cozy chair in your office because you may end up staying there tonight. what do you remember about, these are live shots of boston we're looking at right now. and it hasn't even begun, folks. take a look at it. what do you remember about 1978? >> well, i tell you one big difference, martha, in 1978, about ten days before we got hit with the blizzard of 78, we got hit with 21 inches. and that's still the 6th biggest storm in boston history. there's no place to put this now, even if
and call of these people, but you make a nice living. >> serious perks. howie? >> i don't think the cruise ship issue will be among those growth industries. what is sad -- i'm glad somebody in america is hiring, given the anemic state of the economy. but when you look at that list, nail salons, amusement parks, bars, as you said, doesn't seem like you're going to build the economy of the future on those kinds of service jobs. not many of them not terribly well paying jobs and not going to make up for all the jobs the higher wage manufacturing jobs that have been lost in america. i found the list kind of depressing. >> interesting you mentioned the nail salons. rachel, i don't know if you get manis or pedis, is that a sign of the economy that we like to splurge on the little things? >> i think that's what's available, right? i think if those are the easy things to not cut off. maybe i won't go get a massage and a facial, but the very least i can get a manicure. what i found very fascinating about this was the growth in celebrity handling industry as well, it made me think of the change and
! with kelly & michael." today, howie mandel goes undercover to give some disney guests the surprise of their lives. and a performance from country superstar gary allan. plus, another fun-filled edition of "live"'s "disney family faceoff." and now, please welcome from the new fantasyland, the storybook [cheers and applause] new fantasyland, the storybook [cheers and applause] ♪
a response and not with the picture of a rapper. >> howie, i have to interrupt you. >> last word, lauren. >> as i usually development i have to say there are positives to facebook and finding people in criminal investigations and putting out hotlines. for us to dump on police use of social media as a whole is also shortsighted. >> not as a whole. we're saying they need to do it well. >> alyona min cow ski, howard kurtz, david sir wrote that, thanks so much. >>> just ahead, new information about adam lanza's possible motive. hear how lanza's obsession could have driven him to attack. ♪ [ instrumental ] [ girl ] when i started playing soccer, i wasn't so good. [ barks ] so me and sadie started practicing. we practiced a lot. now i've got some moves! [ crowd cheering ] spin kick! whoo-hoo! [ giggling ] [ announcer ] we know how important your dog is to your whole family. so help keep him strong and healthy with purina dog chow. because you're not just a family. you're a dog family. >>> it is the top of the hour. i'm christi paul in for brooke baldwin. thanks for sharing your time. if it s
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